DIVR has a new website!

Unlike everyone else that is getting ridd of coats during those warm days, we decided to get a new one. After all, no matter what season is, winter is coming!

We have one more amazing news to start with! Two months ago, two new projects were conceived. Our big boy Golem (link) and his small brother vRonin (link). Even though they will be very different, we believe both of them will bring you lots of joy! When can you expect them to be delivered? If you were reading carefully just do the counting. As the nature has it´s own doings we prefer not to announce the exact date yet (and we don´t want to risk the sky to fall on our heads).

May the Blog be with you

In this area, you will be informed about everything exciting that is happening not just in our company but as well in the VR world. We hope you will enjoy the reading, the games, and the cookies!

Enjoy the summer and dive into the virtual reality!


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